It Is Not About My Journey

Sacred Journeys with Meghan Don

Carl Jung spoke about the pendulum effect so very active within our lives, that is, we as a people tend to swing from one extreme direction to another. We carry the hope that this pendulum will come into balance as what some traditions call the Middle Way, the Middle Pillar of Compassion, or the Way of Love.
Over the centuries our spirituality has swung from God being only ”out there” to our contemporary view of “God within,” yet in reality God lives both within, without, and ever beyond. The old view of “only out there” we all know is a corrupted teaching of the truth and a complete disempowerment of the people. The contemporary view and focus on God within also holds its own pathologies of spiritual narcissism, by being bound in one’s experiences only. This serves to cut us off from our brothers and sisters, our elemental friends of all descriptions in nature, and ultimately from our God ever beyond. We may think we are connected, however, one needs to look honestly at this and see just how much time in the day we spend thinking or mulling over our own small lives and its worries. The swing has gone from no inner reflection to obsessive inner viewing.
What is the Middle Path, how can we enter into the Way of Love when we find ourselves distracted by ourselves? From my own experience I have found that my personal life is the catalyst, that is, not denying my life and what is occurring but rather than obsessing about it, I immediately pray for others who are in similar situations and may be struggling or lacking or in need somehow. Many people “forget” to pray, so we can pray for those who are unable to pray for themselves. In this way we join/connect with our brothers and sisters in the greater web of existence, extend beyond the smallness of our self, and who knows the outcome of our heartfelt prayers – the repercussions are far greater than we can imagine. And I not only pray in difficult times but also joy-filled moments that these will be shared by others also.
Find what helps to move you from “me” to “we.”  I also sing many of my prayers and I offer these for others who are in need, even without a particular request, just simply an adoring of the Holy One. Let your prayer be a Love Offering to God, whether it be by the way of gardening, dancing, listening, laughing – let everything you do be a consecrated act to God – consciously asking that it help others. Is this not what the great Holy People have taught us? It is the Way of the Boddhisattva, of Magdalene, of Quan Yin, of Yeshua and Buddha, to name a few.
Let us join our words and actions with these ones to bring our contemporary spiritual actions into balance, freeing ourselves from ourselves. And the best news of all, when we do this, we are actually happy!
See next post for a specific Gnostic spiritual practice and prayer to help yourself and others with negativity.

May all beings know peace
May all beings know love
May all beings know their eternal being in God

Prayer of Light

DSC05041Prayer of Light

Living Father and Mother of All

Holy are your Blessed Names

May Your Light dawn in my heart

May my will be Your Will

Let it reign upon this earth

so that Your way becomes my way

May the smallness of my self know forgiveness

              And may I forgive my own misguided ways

   Feed me your bread and feed me your wisdom


You are the King and Queen of the Highest Heaven

and of Truth

You both live within me

And As Me

 May I shine forth my Light for all to see

So that I, and all, may return

As You desire

                      And as You have decreed

                   So be it and so it is done


Devised by Megan Don as based on the prayer of Yeshua