Archangel Uriel – Direction of the North


Sacred Journeys and Retreats
With Megan Don


Continuing on with this practice of Honoring the Directions and the Archangels…

We turn to the North. The Element of Earth. The Spirit or Wind of Knowledge and Seeing the Divine One.
We invoke the Archangel Uriel by chanting Uriel three times, welcoming and inviting his/her presence.
This is the Direction of Embodiment and Manifestation, yet paradoxically, it is a place of mystery as it contains the Knowledge of the Light Realm. This knowledge is within and all around us. It is in mundane everyday life and in sacred unity. By entering into the energy of Uriel we come to see differently, as if we see in and behind all things as to the truth of their nature.

Uriel means the Light of God, and it is this Light that brings illumination. This illumination then needs to become embodied and manifested on Earth. We all have moments of deep insight, experiences of the Sacred One in one form or another, whether it be the sacredness of this earth, a depth of understanding about our journey, or a direct experience of the Light. Whatever our experiences it is essential to integrate and embody them, so that true change occurs in our lives, and not simply knowing it as a moment out of time and space.

We may also invoke our ancestor’s, and our ancestor’s ancestor’s, the spirit of the earth-keepers, and the elemental spirits of the earth in facing the North. Simply by our willingness and openness, and our patience, we may come in direct contact with these other forces and beings, and they may become great helpers on our journey. I will be writing more about this and about my encounter with the Green Man in an upcoming blog.

May we all come to see with the eyes of Illumination


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