Lady of the Underground – Chartres Cathedral, France

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underground   This is The Lady of the Underground, who lives in the Crypt in the Chartres Cathedral.  She is regal, She is powerful, and She says, “All must come through me in order to live in the Light.” Her power is frightening, and yet within Her lies great mercy as she guides us through our darkness, our fears, and all places where we have become separated from our innermost selves.
Her home is also the place where the great well resides within the Cathedral. The well is dated back to Gallic times where a hundred years before the birthing of Yeshua, the Druids saw in their visions a “Virgin who was to perpetually give birth.” They erected a statue of a woman with a child on her lap at the well and honored Her as The Mother who was constantly giving birth to creation. They knew that in the coming of the person of this Virgin, there was to be a birthing of a being not seen before on this earth. They held this vision with much awe and joy. It is said that when the Master Druid spoke of this time to come, tears would run down his face, such was the depth of his understanding of this future event to come.
In later times pilgrims journeyed to the Cathedral in large numbers. In order to visit The Lady of the Underground they entered via the north through a narrow tunnel, and walked in complete darkness for 70 metres, until they came to Her. I am sure they gathered every fear and darkness of their imagination along the way. Coming into Her presence they laid their darkness at Her feet. They exited via the south into the Light.
There is a deep silence in the Crypt. It truly runs deep into the ground, geographically, and also in one’s being. There is an intensity that seems to flush out whatever is an obstacle to one’s spiritual journey. You are, after all, in the presence of the Queen of the Underworld, and She is very real.
I shall look forward to bringing pilgrims to Chartres. Of course, all my journeys undertaken will be translating into various pilgrimages in France. It is holding such a rich and vital part of our spiritual history, and it seems now is the time for the mysteries to be reawoken and told and lived within us. Please sign up for my monthly newsletter if you would like to be kept informed of pilgrimages coming up in the future. Go to
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Blessings to all in this potent time on earth

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