The Black Madonna in France



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 What joy it is to travel in South Western France and to experience the feminine in every church, abbey, and the presence of the Black Madonna so deeply embedded in the land. This particular Black Madonna pictured above struck me as unique in the way that she is smiling and her eyes hold a very real joy-filled knowledge. What does she know? What is the enigma that she, as the Dark Mother holds?
Often the Black Madonna can be associated with the deeper pain of the world and her children, and the shadow side of our lives wanting to return to the light, but here, her expression speaks of something else. There is a lightness to her being shining in and through the darkness. Perhaps that is her message to us, not to take our own shades and shadows of the personality too seriously but to move through them with lightness and ease by knowing that we are journeying towards our wholeness.
Much grace was given to my soul while sitting in the presence of this dear Madonna, and the area upon which the church is built is especially powerful. It was a healing well and ‘a well of visions’ in the times that the Celtic and Roman Goddesses were revered.  The energy of this is still palpable and one can pray for the vision of one’s life to be revealed. Be prepared to receive something much larger than you expected!
I offer you the healing grace of the Black Madonna. May she lead you deeply into your soul of souls, where true liberation lies for all.
May the Peace of the Mother be with you


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